Fences and Feng Shui

11/04/2014 FengShuiTips

If your home or business is surrounded by a fence, you might want to consider the Feng Shui implications. It’s important to note that while fences and security walls help to create boundaries on a property and improve security, they can also prevent the circulation of air and block the flow of ch’i to your building which can influence many areas of your life and work. Sometimes, in an effort to maintain privacy and keep others out, we inadvertently isolate ourselves and prevent the exchange of ideas. We know that opportunities (like water) when confronted with a solid barrier will continue on to more open and permeable spaces.

In Feng Shui, the best fences are those that help define boundaries without overwhelming the building. Good colors for fences are green (Wood), black (Water) and red (Fire) and that suggest privacy in a non-threatening way. White fences and walls should be avoided since they represent sickness and failure, especially if they surround the building. If you have a fence or wall that is solid with no air circulation through open spaces, plant vines, flowers and evergreens along the perimeter to help enliven the stagnant energy there and create a more organic boundary.

Wishing you good ch’i,
Diane Gallin

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