Spring Equinox and Feng Shui

The Equinox arrives today in the Northern Hemisphere at 11:06 PM EDT as the sun sits directly above earth’s equator marking the astronomical beginning of Spring. The season is already underway in most areas of the United States while teasing winter in others. Allergies are in full bloom earlier and longer than ever on a rapidly warming planet as new growth emerges, thirsty for water. The mythical Chinese Dragon brings spring rains to wash away the old and nourish crops that will sustain us throughout the year.

In Chinese Five Element theory and Feng Shui we learn that spring is associated with the Wood (tree) element, morning, growth, expansion and new beginnings. It’s motivational energy that brings optimism for what lies ahead. Like the plant and animal kingdoms, longer days and warmer weather coax us outdoors and we’re more receptive to fresh and innovative ideas. But what to do if you feel stuck? Problems or clashes in your personal Four Pillars/BaZi chart or stagnant energy in the buildings you spend time in may be the culprit.

For inspiration, try bringing nature indoors by opening windows and doors whenever possible. Place young plants in homes and businesses where you’ll see them every day. They are working hard establishing roots and branches for support all year, so tend them carefully and set your own personal and professional goals. Simplify the décor in your surroundings and store away winter’s heavy, dark colors and textures to move freely around your space. If you haven’t cleared your space in awhile, this is a perfect time to do so.

Spring is a good time to gather with others, especially outdoors, to exchange ideas and experiences. Consider a class or training on a subject that interests or advances your expertise while your mind is open to new possibilities. As nature emerges from dormancy revealing her beauty and strength, visualize where you want to be when winter calls again then plant the seeds necessary for success.

This spring, feed your mind with new ideas, your spirit with optimism and your body with fluidity and motion. Be like a tree, stabilize your roots, reach out and grow toward the sun.

Wishing you peace, prosperity and good chi,

Diane Gallin

Wind and Water Feng Shui Consulting