Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

Yang Wood Dragon

2024 – Year of the Yang Wood Dragon (Jia Chen)

2024 is the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon – Jia Chen.  Dragon is the fifth astrological sign in the Chinese twelve-year cycle of earthly branches and in 2024 shares his Yang Earth (mountain) 戊 energy with the Yang Wood (tree) 甲 element. Ancient Chinese astronomy texts describe the Green Dragon of Spring as one of the five most important constellations in the eastern sky that includes Jupiter and its surrounding stars. The mythical Azure Dragon is also one of the Four celestial protectors that define and govern land formations in Feng Shui, considered vital when choosing a proper site for a home or business. The Yang (male) Green Dragon is often paired with the mythical Yin (female) Crimson Phoenix to symbolize a fertile, harmonious union. Unlike depictions of the Western dragon, he is beloved in Chinese culture for traits of wisdom and imperial power. This is a sign of magnificence.

Contrary to his low-key Yin Wood Rabbit predecessor, Dragon is powerful, extroverted and decisive. He can harness and direct energy on land and water, soaring to the highest peaks and plunging to the lowest depths equally. Influential and confident, he thrives in the public eye and shines light where there is darkness.

The bringer of spring rains, Dragon is revered in Chinese thought as the symbol of the emperor’s authority, enlightenment and wealth. Unconventional and at times flamboyant, he is known to advance ideas that seemingly have no chance of success. But the wingless Chinese Dragon also dwells in winding mountain ranges and channels the flow of life-giving energy (chi) deep beneath the earth through ‘dragon veins’ that flow and collect at water’s edge. From his elevated perspective, this far-sighted risk taker sees over the village walls beyond what is customary and expected. For this reason, many unprecedented occurrences are anticipated in 2024 and it will be good to have backup plans in reserve.

There are five types of Dragons (one for each element) and 2024’s Yang Wood 甲 Dragon is poetically known as the ‘Dragon in a whirlpool – a vision of dawn light.’  This is an elegant but stoic Dragon that rises from faults in the mountain to break through what is impenetrable. The Wood element of the year lends vivid imagination to the otherwise unpredictable Dragon, suggesting a flurry of innovation and exploration in the areas of technology, energy storage, water management (both flooding and drought), space exploration, infrastructure and AI, among many. Unlike the flexible Yi (Yin Wood 乙) element of 2023 that sways and adapts to change, Jia relies on the deep, complicated support system of roots. It will be good to set some of those support systems in place for yourself since change comes quickly in a Dragon year and it will be difficult to navigate it alone.

It is notable that the Dragon’s arrival coincides with the new 20-year cycle of Fire that is Period 9 so scientific breakthroughs will come faster and with more intensity. For reference, Yang Wood of the year is the upright oak, walnut or old-growth redwood tree that towers over forests at high elevations. It grows slowly and steadily toward the light, withstanding great amounts of pressure alongside (not with) neighboring hardwoods. Rooted firmly to the earth with a solid core, they refuse to sway or bend in the wind, but hold their ground and prefer to go it alone. This may provide insight into how diplomacy (or lack of) among world leaders is likely to fare in this year with everyone standing firm in their beliefs. The Wood Dragon is claustrophobic and relentless in his race to the peaks and valleys. With no room for error and no stone left unturned, expect full exposure, many blind turns and open confrontations along the way. Jia is smart, pioneering energy that requires clear objectives and focused attention in order to succeed. For that reason, 2024 is a very good year to branch out and fine tune your expertise. Dragon expects excellence from everyone on every subject and doesn’t miss a trick.

The arrival of celebratory Lunar (new moon) Chinese New Year (February 10) after Lap Chun (‘Spring Begins’) on February 4 suggests that much of what is to come has yet to be revealed. It has been twelve years since the Water Dragon controlled the year, and 60 years since the Yang Wood Dragon reigned, so a good time to recall that Dragon is the only Chinese astrological sign that is not of this earth.

The chart of the year is aggressive with all yang pillars indicating instability and unforeseen changes in 2024 due to their inability to yield.  At times, it may feel like a slow climb in high altitude to most of us earthlings so, rather than comparing ourselves to the Dragon, we’ll be well advised to turn challenges into opportunities, avoid hasty decisions and learn better ways of dealing with disagreements. Dragon dwells above the earth, in the skies and below the water, so expect drag, resistance and tensions everywhere. Reaction time will be essential this year.

In the cycle that reminds us how vividly history repeats itself, the last Yang Wood Dragon of 1964 saw its share of pivotal events. The landmark US Civil Rights Act was passed into law as was a resolution to escalate the war in Vietnam. Powerful earthquakes wreaked havoc in Alaska and Japan, Marxist revolutionary Ernest ‘Che’ Guevara headed the Cuban delegation to the Union Nations, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison and the Beatles changed the music scene as we knew it. In the same year, Martin Luther King won the Noble Peace Prize, the Palestine Liberation Army was founded in West Bank and a war between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus was barely diverted.

As if a mirror into the future, 1964 saw gains in inclusivity and social freedom around the world while new wars and uprisings reduced confidence in government and alliances among friends and neighbors. The labels that define patriotism, globalism, activism and power keep blurring but continue to shift and the Dragon is here to sort it all out. One thing in certain is the world will look different when Dragon exits the stage at this time next year.

Chinese Metaphysics assigns the emotion of anger to the Wood element and we’ll need to manage frustrations with care this year. Use the Fire and Water elements to overcome inertia from doing too little for too long or being stuck in a routine that has outgrown its usefulness. Empowerment comes from knowledge and this will be a good year to embrace futuristic ideas and skills necessary to advance in Period 9. Fire (which represents optimism, spirituality intelligence and economic expansion) has been missing from the chart of the year for the past few years and won’t return until the Yin Wood Snake arrives in 2025. Keep that in mind before jumping into risky or short-term investments.

2024 promises a year of rapid growth, change – and drama. It will test patience, reward strength and perhaps even teach us to fly.  May you and those you love know peace, prosperity, patience, good health and brilliance of the Dragon this year.


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