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A building is a thing. Rooted to the ground, shaped by human hands and by time, in turn it shapes lives
– sometimes for generations or even in one civilization after another.

- from The Life and Death of Buildings

DianeHave you wondered what lies behind the door to the ancient Chinese art and science of placement known as Feng Shui? Or how this 5,000 year old tradition applies to modern cities, buildings, organizations and families? The answers are profound in their simplicity and yours to discover with expert guidance.

We've all experienced positive feelings of contentment and optimism in spaces with good Feng Shui and reacted less enthusiastically to others.The reason is that human beings resonate to symmetry, proportion and equilibrium in their surroundings and are influenced by what they see, feel and hear at a deep and profound level.

This is the simple wisdom of Feng Shui.

But the application of authentic Feng Shui principles goes far beyond the aesthetics of a place, and cannot be achieved by simply adjusting décor.

Authentic Feng Shui has deep roots and an expansive branching system that encompasses the studies of sociology, the I Ching, environmentalism, yin/yang theory, urbanism and architecture. Landforms, waterways, roads, compass directions, fate and the passage of time all contribute rich layers to the foundation upon which buildings stand. Once inside, the walls, doors, windows, thresholds, stairways, drains and ducts provide the next layer. Finishing touches of light, color, sound, flooring, furniture and artwork provide the visuals. Lastly, those who live or work in a building infuse their own personal energy into the place; they enrich the building with their presence and it reciprocates by imprinting them.

How each of these design details relates to modern day strategies for improving careers, relationships, health and fortune is where the Feng Shui story begins. Where it leads is up to you.

Let’s open the door to authentic Feng Shui and its many useful and practical applications for the modern world. Thousands of years of accumulated wisdom are there to guide you along the way.

Wishing you an abundance of good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

Successful businesses and happy people dwell in places where either by accident or design, Feng Shui principles have conspired to nurture them.

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