Feng Shui Services

Every project is unique but all share the goal of creating meaningful change

About Feng ShuiAn analysis of a residential or business property with Wind and Water Feng Shui Consulting is tailored to address the particular needs of each client. Every project is unique but all share the goal of creating meaningful change. With over ten years of experience and hundreds of residential and commercial clients, Diane Gallin has proven that her approach of including both traditional and modern methods of Feng Shui analysis yields the best results.

The following disciplines are included in all consultations:

Land Form Feng Shui, using topography, roads, waterways, landscape and surrounding structures to determine their environmental impact on a property.

Classical Five Element Feng Shui, assessing a building for the quality of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal within and correcting imbalances. For example, placing a Water feature in a sector that requires Fire energy is counterproductive and can be harmful.

Compass/Flying Star Feng Shui, evaluating the facing and sitting directions of a building, the year the structure was built and the favorable locations within the building for its inhabitants.

About Feng ShuiBlack Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui using the positioning of the front door of a building as the mouth of ch’i and the eight sided bagua map to evaluate various business and life aspirations.

The Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) calculating the hour, day, month, year, longitude and latitude of birth or incorporation of a business to determine the strength or weakness of the client’s primary element, best compass directions and luck cycles.

Environmental Impact: In addition to natural energy associated with the movement of air and water, radiation, fault lines, subterranean water and ley lines (geopathic stress), we are bombarded daily by man-made electrical and electromagnetic energy. These constant energetic assaults are known to impact health, productivity and stress levels. It is necessary to evaluate any space you spend an abundance of time by measuring EMFs in order to minimize harmful exposure.

In nature, wind and water flow through, around and over stagnant places bringing life-giving energy to the landscape. Feng Shui brings that energy to buildings.

- Diane Gallin