Four Pillars of Destiny - Chinese Astrology - BaZi

Diane Gallin is certified in Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny astrology & provides this service with or without a Feng Shui consultation

Commercial Feng ShuiThe Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi, Zi Ping) is an ancient, unique and in-depth study of a person’s birth chart using the 10,000 year Chinese calendar. The same five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) that govern Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the cyclical passage of time are found in every hour, day, season and year of birth. When the first breath is drawn, prevailing elements at that moment in time and location on earth, imprints you for life. This cosmic design influences a person’s life path, traits, strengths, relationships, health and destiny. Understanding your “heaven luck” is the first step to discovering how best to capitalize on your assets, support your weaknesses and improve fortunes with or without Feng Shui.

  • The Four Pillars chart helps to determine the best colors and elements to include in your wardrobe, office, automobile and personal surroundings and compass directions to face while making important decisions (Ming Gua.) Ideal building shapes, furniture placement, companions and career paths are discovered.
  • An in-depth Four Pillars/Luck Pillars analysis reveals all the nuances of your chart, including the best seasons and times of day for action, conflicts and desires, emotions, talents, relationships and ability to achieve your goals at any given time. Not only do the hidden elements in the stems and branches of your chart sketch an outline of your true self, but the twelve Chinese astrological animals and their element influence completes the picture.

Commercial Feng ShuiKnowing more about your chart is useful when choosing a place to live, seeking personal and professional partners, career planning and creating your own opportunities. The calculation of a person’s luck cycles also indicates ideal time frames for making important decisions, such as expanding a business, buying or selling a home, changing jobs or pursuing new relationships.

A preliminary Four Pillars analysis is included in every residential and commercial consultation for each family or management team member. This provides essential information tailored specifically to the individual client for a customized Feng Shui consultation. Many clients follow up with a more in-depth Four Pillars analysis to help them understand and improve every aspect of their lives and assist in planning for the future.

Diane Gallin is certified in Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny astrology and provides this service either with or without a Feng Shui consultation. All that’s needed is your place, date and time of birth. A gift of Four Pillars is ideal for anyone who is struggling with life decisions, raising a family, managing an organization or welcoming a new child.