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Real Estate Site Selection for Residential/Commercial Properties

One of the most important decisions you make in selecting a parcel of land, a home or a business location is how the site will impact you, your family, employees and clients. Since this decision will affect you as long as you reside or work in a space, this is an ideal time to consult a professional feng shui consultant for advice. A Feng Shui analysis of the property, architecture and interior floor plan can prevent you from making a costly mistake. Why a building may or may not be attracting the right buyer from a Feng Shui perspective is beyond merely "staging" a property, and should not be confused with services offering a "quick sale." If you are a realtor, broker, investor, architect or developer, the proper Feng Shui advice can improve your success in designing, leasing and selling a property or planned community.

Remote Residential or Commercial Consultation

While Diane travels extensively for Feng Shui consultations (including internationally) remote consultations are available via webcam, email and telephone when travel is not possible. Clients routinely provide floor plans, compass directions, photographs and or video of their property with careful guidance from Diane. This is also an effective way to follow up after a consultation or when a client is considering a major renovation project or land purchase.

Lectures, Classes and Workshops

If your group is interested in learning more about Feng Shui and how to apply its principles to their own home or work environment, Diane has designed a workshop or lecture to accommodate your needs. Residential workshops often include guests bringing their own floor plans for hands-on Feng Shui applications. Corporate lectures and workshops are great for encouraging employees to enhance their own work spaces (and luck) using Feng Shui principles. After a brief discussion of the history of Feng Shui, Diane guides the group through the practical adjustments known as “cures” and why they can expect measurable results. Lectures range from 1 to 2 hours; workshops and classes from 2 hours to one-half day.

Space Clearing, Groundbreaking and Blessing Ceremonies

Predecessor energy is very powerful in Feng Shui and there are specific ceremonies recommended to prepare land for new construction. It is important to change the ch’i of any commercial or residential building after the property has changed hands or when moving into a new home or apartment. If you lease office or retail space or move your office into one that has been occupied by another employee, it is important to clear the energy there as well. It is imperative to adjust the energy in any building when there has been a reversal of fortune, illness or other negative events.

Four Pillars Analysis

This comprehensive analysis examines your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and life path. Favorable partnerships, productive hours of the day, seasons of the year and fortunate luck periods are indicated as well. This unique and personal analysis determines elements that help bring balance to your personal surroundings and those that diminish your energy. The colors, shapes, fabric, artwork and materials that are supportive are discovered for each person, as well as the best directions to locate your front door, bed/bedroom, office, desk, chair, etc. This analysis is included in all Diane Gallin's residential and commercial Feng Shui consultations, setting her apart from most commercial practitioners. A comprehensive Chinese astrology analysis and yearly forecast is also available to order.

Other Services

I hired Diane Gallin to do Feng Shui consulting on my office when I first moved into it 4 years ago. Her evaluation of my office space was extremely thorough. Her recommendations were very clear and comprehensive. She made it easy and fun, and provided a lot of the “cures” that I needed for certain areas. I still refer back to the notes and information that I received from Diane whenever I feel that I need to make a décor change in the office. I get comments, almost daily, from patients and visitors that my office has an extremely peaceful and calming energy, which Diane helped to create and supplement in a significant way. Not only that, my business has more than doubled since I hired Diane and implemented her suggestions. I have no doubt that Diane’s work has enhanced my business, and I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Dawn Balusik, AP, DOM
Clearwater, Florida