Commercial Feng Shui

Emphasis is placed on improving mastery, comfort, productivity and profits

Commercial Feng ShuiEvery organization has a mandate that can be enhanced using Feng Shui principles. Whether you run a large corporation, private business or professional practice, Feng Shui can benefit you. We spend the majority of our waking hours working and these buildings influence not only the profitability and effectiveness of the organization but the success of all who work there.

After gathering information from the client about the building, property and the company’s vision for the future, an appointment is scheduled to assess the location. Compass directions and photographs are taken, while traffic patterns, signage and exterior landforms are analyzed for maximum effectiveness. The location and arrangement of building entrances, lobbies, executive offices, human resources, conference rooms, sales and production areas are evaluated from a Feng Shui perspective. Testing for elevated electromagnetic fields, balancing color, lighting, furniture, artwork and design details are included. Diane also teaches the proper use of Feng Shui tools, such as water placement, landscaping and colors with remedies for problem areas. Emphasis is placed on improving employee mastery, comfort and productivity. Favorable dates for applying Feng Shui adjustments are also provided at that time.

Commercial Feng ShuiA Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi analysis for the owners/partners/principals and key employees is included in the consultation, since this determines the appropriate office and desk locations, colors, artwork, furniture and design details for the individual contributor. The timing for important business decisions such as signing contracts, taking on partners, adding personnel, expanding the space or scope of the business and opening offices is also included. This is a critical part of the Feng Shui consultation unique to Diane’s practice. The BaZi analysis reveals your own personal element, favorable compass directions and current luck cycles. This information is specific to each person and essential for creating successful outcomes for every member of your team.

A detailed comprehensive written report of the analysis completes the consultation process. Since Feng Shui is time sensitive, Diane encourages her clients to follow up after each consultation in order to make appropriate adjustments once changes begin to occur.

The amount of time necessary for a commercial consultation depends on the size of the business/organization and the number of locations and employees.

When we contacted Diane to Feng Shui our building we were expecting someone to give us some gold coins, paint our door red and put some fountains around our building. Who knew it was so much more than that. Diane has been unbelievably kind, gracious, professional and patient through the entire process. Working with a building our size and so many different personalities has not been easy, but she has stuck with us every step. I would recommend Diane to anyone looking to make a positive energy shift in their home or business.

-Mary Weber
iHeart Media Inc
Tampa, Florida