Residential Feng Shui

We choose our buildings for a reason and have the ability to write our own story

About Feng ShuiAfter gathering basic information about the home, its occupants and their aspirations, an appointment is scheduled to evaluate the building and property. At that time, Diane surveys the surrounding landforms and explains the implications of the building floor plan, construction date, facing and sitting compass directions, lot shape, landscaping and interior design details from a Feng Shui perspective.

Compass directions are taken and tangible Feng Shui remedies are discussed to correct imbalances. Testing for elevated electromagnetic fields and recommendations for furniture placement, colors, artwork and lighting are all part of the residential consultation. Diane also teaches the proper use of Feng Shui tools, such as water placement, landscaping, lighting and use of building space. Favorable dates (based on the Tong Shu calendar) for implementing Feng Shui adjustments and instructions for clearing stagnant energy are also provided at that time. Depending on the size of the building, this meeting can last anywhere from 2 and 3 hours.

About Feng ShuiSince every person who dwells in a building is influenced differently by the energy within, a Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi chart for each individual in the home is prepared. This is a critical part of the Feng Shui consultation unique to Diane’s practice. The BaZi analysis reveals your own personal element, favorable compass directions and current luck cycle. This information is specific to each person and essential for creating successful outcomes for every family member.

A detailed comprehensive written report of the analysis completes the consultation process. Since Feng Shui is time sensitive, Diane encourages her clients to follow up after each consultation in order to make appropriate adjustments once changes begin to occur.

Diane consulted with my wife and I on our 1920’s home in 2004. She gave us a few simple ideas to implement right away and recommendations for larger projects over time. Within days of her visit, a new and unexpected business opportunity presented itself and we have consulted with her ever since.

John C., Plainfield, New Jersey