2022 Feng Shui Afflictions


2022 Feng Shui Afflictions – Year of the Yang Water Tiger (Ren Yin)

The following Feng Shui afflictions are transitional in 2022 and activities in these areas should be monitored in addition to implementing 2022 Flying Star cures in each sector. They should also be used in conjunction with the permanent (natal) Flying Star cures associated with your building. If you have plans to renovate or move earth in any of these compass sectors, please do so before February 3, 2022 to prevent triggering negative energy for the year.

5 Yellow (Wu kuei) is located in the Center of every building

  • Use Metal objects (a round metal bowl or six-tube hollow metal wind chime) in this sector to prevent obstacles, accidents, financial loss and misfortune. Place a Salt Water Cure in this sector. Keep this area of your building & property quiet. Avoid loud noise, vibration, activity, bright lights, candles and the Fire element (red). Add Metal (bronze, iron, brass, pewter, copper, etc.) to exhaust excess Earth.  Do not move earth, dig, plant trees or undertake construction, renovations, nailing, demolishing in the Center of your home, property or business in 2022.

The Three Killings is located in the North (337.6 – 22.5 degrees on compass)

  • This is an area of your building and property that should remain quiet so as not to disturb energy related to challenges, accidents, health problems or financial loss. Avoid breaking ground, construction/demolition or noisy renovations this year.

The Year Breaker is located in the Southwest 3 sector (232.6 – 247.5 degrees on compass)

  • Avoid triggering the wrath of Grand Duke this year by disturbing the land or building in this sector in 2022. Save building alterations for a better year.

The Tai Sui resides in the Northeast 3 sector (52.6 – 67.5 degrees on compass)

  • It is best to keep this otherwise very positive sector as peaceful as possible in 2022. Avoid renovations or breaking ground in this, the shadow of Jupiter on earth. You may find it beneficial to sit with your back to the northeast for support and authority but avoid facing Northeast 3 while seated at your desk. Avoid sleeping with your head facing the Tai Sui this year.

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