Year of the Yin Metal Ox – Xin Chou

Welcome to the year of the Yin Metal Ox – Xin Chou!

The Chinese Solar New Year begins today February 3 at 10:58 PM with the arrival of Spring and the Metal Tiger month. While the celebratory Lunar Chinese New Year waits until February 12 this year, this is the day our Feng Shui, Flying Stars and Four Pillars/BaZi calendar begins and all our plans, hopes and dreams for the coming year are planted. How fitting to begin 2021 with the trusty Ox by our side.

The Yin Metal Ox, poetically known as ‘Ox on the Road – A Vision of Large Boulders’ is the second of twelve Chinese astrological signs and the most focused, determined, clearsighted member of the herd. Unlike frenetic Rat predecessor of 2020, Ox is the sturdy, hard-working draft animal revered throughout history for his ability to carry nearly twice his weight (often in tandem with a team member) in pursuit of a goal. Chinese Metaphysics assigns the Ox to its location in the North/Northeast compass direction, the end of the winter season and the pre-dawn hours of 1–2:59 AM when most of the world is asleep. But the Ox has much work to do and the optimism to awaken from hibernation to the promise of Spring.

For this reason, Ox years signify a period of confident, stable foundation-building necessary for recovery. This is an Ox that has earned his place at the beginning of things with the strength and fortitude to plow the most rugged of fields. The Metal element of the year lends a non-nonsense attitude and a critical eye for how to build something of lasting value – from the ground up. As expected, last year’s Metal Rat worked hard to effect change at a fundamental level and 2021’s Metal Ox will step up to rebuild what was carelessly broken in the melee.

Whether you are a friend or foe of the Ox, he’s been carefully taking notes and preparing lessons since the last (Earth) Ox ruled the year twelve years ago. And you will have to travel back 60 years (1961) to the last time the Yin Metal Ox held court to discover how this powerful visionary is positioned to guide you in 2021. As we’ve learned over time, the cyclical nature of the Wu Xing phases of the Five Elements throughout history provide valuable insight into where we’ve been, how we got here and where we are headed.

I’ve heard from many of you over the last few months that it’s time for a new approach and that you are looking forward to carving out a useful plan for the days and years ahead. Take time now to set your intentions for 2021 and transition smoothly into the brand new year of the Ox with an open mind and clear vision for a safe, peaceful and prosperous future.

As always, let me know if I can help you on your way.

Diane Gallin