Spring Equinox 2018

Today marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere as the sun sits directly above earth’s equator. Spring is in the air pretty much everywhere in the United States while the month of March still teases winter in others. New growth emerges on plants and trees thirsty for water during a period of rapid development. In Chinese Five Element theory of Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui,  spring is associated with the wood (tree) element, growth, expansion and new beginnings. Longer days and warmer weather coax us out of closed buildings and retrospective ideas. Like the blooms and sprouts all around us, we are more receptive to fresh and innovative thoughts in spring. But what to do if you feel stuck? Building issues or clashes in your personal BaZi may be the cause but there are things you can do in the environment to help.

For inspiration, try bringing nature indoors by opening windows and doors whenever possible. Place young plants in homes and businesses where you will see them every day. They are working hard establishing roots and branches for support all year, so tend them carefully and imagine the results as you set your own personal and professional goals. Be sure to include images that represent spring rain, flowers, re-birth, early morning and potential in your decor. These include scenes of soaring birds, buildings, flight, gardens and majestic trees. Take a class on a subject that interests or advances your knowledge or worldview while your mind is open. As nature emerges in all her glory, visualize where you want to be when winter calls again and plant the seeds necessary to succeed over the fast-moving spring and summer seasons.

Spring is a great time to feed your mind with new ideas, your spirit with optimism and your body with fluidity and motion. Use this time wisely and as always, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you peace, prosperity and good chi,

Diane Gallin