2018 Interior Design Trends | Feng Shui


While design is not a primary focus of Feng Shui, I’ve noticed that trends do shift every year and even more so every two years when the Chinese five-element cycle of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal yields from one to the other. The Fire element dominated 2016 and 2017 but is now waning and we won’t see that energy again for quite some time. Fire is linked to risk, drama, passion, heat and light and we tend to take more chances under that influence. Trends inspired by fire grab our attention but like the flame, are also more likely to quickly flicker out.

2018 ushers in two years of Earth energy, a more stable, grounded and transformative time when we’re likely to look inward for answers, comforts and trends and embrace the natural flow of spaces. For that reason, I expect to see more interest in down-to-earth fabrics, materials, colors, patterns and styles. Buildings that provide a comfortable retreat in the center will also likely prevail in the coming year.

The Earth element in 2018 is associated with the colors of the setting sun and autumn season when leaves turn a deeper, richer color before they fall. Shades of yellow, ochre, amber, tumeric and russet are earth colors while broadcloth, tweed, muslin, flannel and raw silk are the fabrics that evoke the warmth and security of this nurturing element. Low and square shapes, ceramic tile, porcelain, pottery, brick, terracotta and rough stone provide raw textures, lending a rustic feel to design.

Look for a return to boundaries rather than free-form spaces, supportive furniture from natural sources and filtered lighting that makes a room glow rather than bright white or descending overhead glare. Attention to gardens, parks and inviting outdoor spaces will remind us to spend more time on terra firma reconnecting with mother earth.

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Wishing you good chi in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog!

Diane Gallin, CFSC