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A few years ago one of the hundred-year oak trees on my property was hit by lightning. Since one side was severely damaged, it had to be removed. But a fledgling tree of another species took root beneath her canopy and grew beside the ageing giant. It intertwined their branches and filled the gaps with vibrant foliage, becoming stronger and more beautiful each passing year.

I’ve followed this evolution closely because supportive land forms and structures are one of the most important principles of authentic Feng Shui and vital to any building or property assessment. The same mythological Black Tortoise formation that protected Chinese emperors from invading armies during their dynasties watches over sleeping children and busy executives in modern buildings today. Without this formation, inhabitants are susceptible to all manner of calamities because they are perceived as vulnerable and unsupported.

The Black Tortoise is simply an elevation behind your building that is ideally taller than the structure. Neither too close nor too far away, it holds the building securely and shields it from danger. It can be a soft mountain, hill, fence, stand of trees or even an earth berm that prevents destructive wind, weather, energy or other buildings from overwhelming yours. The theory is that while you are busy going about your life, these guardian landforms have your back.

Inside a building, the same principles apply. Having a solid wall behind your desk while seated provides security at work. This is known as the feng shui ‘command position’ since you’re able to see and control what lies before you while protecting your position. Employees stationed in offices with backs exposed to open spaces report feeling unsettled or otherwise compromised in their jobs and rarely enjoy the support of management. At home, placing the head of a bed or back of a sofa against a solid wall with a view of the door instills the same confidence that you will be protected while reading or sleeping. So many clients over the years have reported significant improvements once these simple adjustments were made.


As we age and despite all our accumulated wisdom, we sometimes need the strength of younger friends, co-workers and family members to lean on. Their fresh legs and strong arms can fill in the gaps between branches and help stabilize weakened timber. My beautiful oak tree gained strength and substance with the help of a youthful ally. If you have a Black Tortoise guardian behind your residence, workplace, desk and bed, you likely appreciate the mountain of support. If not, create a virtual guardian with trees, high furniture, earth, rocks and art. Then take a breather, step outside and enjoy the peace of mind these natural wonders provide.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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