Seeing is Believing

08/19/2014 Feng Shui Florida

Tiffany Glass


Did you know that the art in your home and office can influence your mood and how you are perceived by others?   It is one of the first things I notice in the businesses and homes of my clients and one of the easiest to “cure” from a feng shui perspective.

Since everything we see, feel and hear in our surroundings impacts daily life, I recommend choosing images that mirror your goals.

For example, it’s best to avoid pictures of lonely, isolated places or single figures if you are trying to attract or nurture a relationship.  Consider the implications for good health if you have statues or pictures of trees, people or animals with missing or broken limbs in your building or yard.

Trying to inspire teamwork in your office full of freewheeling individuals?  Trade out the print of a lone downhill skier, golfer or quarterback for one of a sailing crew working together to right the boat or a soccer team converging on the goal.  And you might want to relocate the abstract art in your conference room which can be distracting during a meeting.

Do you have a mirror that reflects a bathroom or a brick wall? Try moving it to reflect something beautiful instead. In the kitchen, bowls of fruit and blooming gardens evoke abundance and healthy eating, so skip the martini glasses and French bakery paintings if your goal is to lose weight.

Once you become aware of the images all around you, it’s easy to control the story they tell. Make sure it’s your story and you’ll be delighted with the results.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin

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