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09/27/2013 Feng Shui Florida


Early autumn has arrived here in the northern hemisphere and with it the cooler, drier weather. Governed by the Earth element, autumn is the season of the harvest and movement pivots inward. In Feng Shui, it represents the center of a building, village or country and the transformation that eases us from one season to another. It’s the time for gathering ideas, collaborating and making preparations for winter. We step indoors, turning our attention to the structures that protect us and feather our nests for warmth, comfort and solace. I’m often asked for advice on home and office décor especially during the change of seasons when people naturally reassess their surroundings. I love partnering with clients on these details and always offer the same advice:

 Your surroundings should accurately reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going.    This is your story.

This is true for both living and work spaces. Design details should go beyond the colors or themes that happen to be in vogue. Your environment should nurture you, your family, employees and customers rather than advancing someone else’s idea of how it should look. There are so many outlets today for decorating ideas and trends that I fear people are homogenizing their thinking, limited by what’s expected, advertised or commercially fashionable at the moment. Each building has its own identity and resonates to the elements in different ways depending on its construction date and compass directions. Suggestions by well intended experts often reflect their own vision, not yours, and may actually carry you off course. Your own story is much more interesting.

I recently dined at the home of an artist friend whose surroundings are a reflection of her creative and inspired life. Every room in her warm and eclectic home contains unique furniture and pieces she either lovingly created or collected along the way, telling a story that grows richer with each visit. I’m awed by the home of a childhood friend, an international corporate executive, accomplished tennis player and marathon runner. His beautiful modern home has a room containing all the medals, photos and interesting memorabilia he collected over years of competition.  I love spending time there and listening to his stories.


Whether it’s a child’s drawing on the refrigerator door (reminding them how proud you are), a gathering of treasures collected on your travels or something that reminds you of a beloved mentor or friend, your home and workplace should reveal who you are.  Check here for some ideas to get you started.  Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are about self-discovery and shifting energy in the direction of your personal and collective aspirations. If you need a hand, I’ll help guide you on that journey.

Wishing you good chi and a rich and vibrant story,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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