Earth Day


Earth Day commemorates a movement in time not long ago when our deteriorating natural environment became both evident and measurable, signaling a need for collective change. Once considered the realm of students, hippies and naturalists, 40 years later environmental awareness and personal responsibility for earth’s natural resources remains at the forefront of global attention and we continue to explore ways to conserve and sustain ourselves on the planet.

One of the five elements (along with Wood, Water, Fire and Metal) that define the very foundation of all feng shui principles, Earth represents the tai chi or center of a building, village or country – connecting everything together. It is associated with the mother, the colors brown and yellow, square shapes, the stomach and digestive systems, early autumn, late afternoon, the northeast and southwest. 

Earth energy is grounding and helps us transition from one activity to another while maintaining boundaries. It is the place where yin and yang meet – on terra firma.

Earth Day

In feng shui, the center of the home influences the health and stability of the family. In the workplace, it represents the core and foundation of a business. Blocking walls or misaligned furniture, clutter, plumbing, hallways, elevators, uneven flooring or excess water erode Earth energy. Too much or too little activity will tip the scale of Earth energy in the center of our spaces. An ideal place for gathering people together and sharing ideas, it is important to provide comfortable places for energy as well as people to settle in the center along with open pathways for smooth transition.

Once we learn to balance our own good health and well-being in buildings, strong Earth energy enables us to care for and nurture others. Like Mother Earth, these places can only sustain us if we carry our own weight.

Happy Earth Day!

Diane Gallin, CFSC


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