Feng Shui Tips for Wellness

07/15/2013 FengShuiTips


Feeling under the weather? From a Feng Shui perspective, one of the most important steps you can take to insure that you will achieve your goals is to do so in good health. Feng Shui provides specific cures for many health problems – everything from digestive issues to migraine headaches and anxiety to depression. And of course the buildings you spend time in can have a major impact on health. In fact, I’ve found that the quality of energy in a building is often linked to the construction date/compass direction it faces, mirroring the health problems suffered by the people who dwell there. A well-trained Feng Shui professional can discover these links, but there are many basic things everyone can do to improve their health by paying attention to their surroundings.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

Keep the center of your home and workplace and all passageways open. Clear blockages or heavy obstructive furniture that interfere with navigation, access and movement. The center represents the tai chi of a building and your physical and emotional health, so energy should move freely here. 


Clear clutter everywhere including closets, cabinets and storage areas. Clutter creates stagnant energy that diminishes your ability to let go and move on. Clutter stored above a desk or bed are burdensome while items stored on the floor drag energy levels down. Donate, sell or dispose of anything that has outlived its usefulness or that you do not love. Leave open spaces on bookshelves and in closets for future opportunities.

Check for broken or non-functioning items. Fix stopped clocks, non-working doorbells and wobbly chair legs. Replace burnt out or flickering lights, repair plumbing leaks, stuck windows/doors and cracked pictures, mirrors or statues. Clogged filters and HVAC vents inhibit the movement of chi energy (and air) contributing to stagnation and internal blockages.

Leave your responsibilities and chores behind when entering the bedroom sanctuary. Remove electronic equipment such as televisions, digital alarm clocks and computers. Store cell phones at least 4 feet from your head while sleeping. They emit unhealthy electromagnetic fields and interfere with the body’s ability to restore and replenish energy.


Choose soothing yin colors in the bedroom. Pale blues, greens, cream and pinks settle your energy and help create a peaceful and restorative environment. Choose optimistic and inspirational images for your walls, but limit photographs to common living areas. Avoid dark or overly dramatic colors and artwork which Feng Shui considers too yang or stimulating for the bedroom.  

If one color predominates in your surroundings, introduce different accent colors to stimulate energy. For example, add the color red (fire energy) if you need to spark conversation in a gathering room. Add the color green (wood energy) to encourage healing in the bedroom of someone who is ill or recovering from illness. Too much blue or black (water energy) can leave you feeling as though you are drifting, so add yellow (earth) for stability.

Play music in your surroundings since the vibration of sound stimulates life force energy and helps if you are having trouble finding clarity. Ring bells, hang a wind chime or chiming clock to help clear the air. Humming, chanting, whistling and singing also improve sinus function – and your mood! 


If you have a bathroom attached to or near your bedroom, keep the door closed at night to separate the rejuvenating and eliminating functions of these two rooms. Check to see that your headboard doesn’t share a wall with the bathroom or any electrical power source to your building and if so, move the bed to prevent serious health problems.

Bring nature into your surroundings with healthy plants and flowers. They help to purify the air you breathe and represent new beginnings, growth and spring. Bowls of fresh herbs or spices (i.e. lavender, pine needles, clove, coffee beans and basil) or aromatic oils will naturally scent the air. NASA has created a whole list of indoor plants that actually clear toxins from the air you breathe.


Start by making a few small changes in your home or business and let me know if they improve the way you feel. As always, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you good health and good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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