Fireworks and Feng Shui

07/04/2013 FengShuiTips


In feng shui, fireworks represent yang energy.  Associated with the fire element,  they bring dynamic attention to areas in need of illumination and inspiration.  Fireworks are used to welcome the Chinese New Year and for special occasions like weddings.  They light up the night sky for grand openings of important buildings and create a festive atmosphere for special events.  Feng shui uses symbolic decorative firecrackers when ‘explosive’ energy is desired to help resolve legal problems, to increase fame and reputation and for protection.

How appropriate that we use fireworks in the United States to celebrate our independence from old and outdated ways.  The transformative nature of fireworks  is both celebratory and somber, for they represent the yin and yang of beginnings and endings.

Wishing you the spark of creativity and resolve this Fourth of July that is necessary for change.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC