Clearing With Sage

03/29/2013 FengShuiTips


Many cultures have rituals for clearing old energy from a space.  Burning sage, ringing bells, drumming, clapping hands or even lighting firecrackers can change or invigorate energy that has become stagnant.  In my feng shui consultations, I always recommend a clearing ritual to clients before implementing my suggestions so that they can begin their transformation with a clean slate.

Here is a suggestion for clearing your space:

  • Take a small branch of dried sage leaves and place it in a fireproof dish or shell.  Briefly light the sage and blow out the flame.
  • Beginning at your front door, holding the dish containing the sage, walk through every room in your building, allowing the smoke to permeate the rooms or objects (include closets, storage rooms, etc.)
  • Visualize that you are purifying any old or stagnant energy, including energy left behind by others.
  • When you are done, retrace your steps while burning either nag champa or sweetgrass, visualizing that you are restoring positive energy to the space.

Perform this ceremony whenever you move, acquire new furniture, artwork or an automobile, or whenever you wish to clear energy from a room, building or object.

Wishing you a fresh start and good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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