Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

06/10/2011 FengShuiTips

antique mirrorDo you have mirrors hanging in your home or business?  We sometimes use reflective building materials or mirrors in Feng Shui to open up closed, dark or narrow spaces or to reflect and attract auspicious land or water ch’i from outdoors.   Because mirrors actually duplicate a view, it is important to place them properly. 

For example, a mirror hung across the room from a window that faces a beautiful park, lake or open land captures that energy and helps to bring life-giving nature indoors.  A window facing a dark alley or an unpleasant view is captured as well, so duplicating that view should be avoided.  Segmented, cracked or dirty mirrors distort the image they reflect, so opt for clear or beveled finishes that are smooth and clean.

Regardless of where you use mirrors, they should be hung to accommodate the tallest person in the family so that they can see their entire torso and six inches above their head, since this represents their potential.