What’s in a Sign?

05/16/2011 FengShuiTips

PICT0019-300x285 One of the first things I notice when called to consult on commercial building space is the signage along my route to the business.  In addition to landforms and architectural details, there are Feng Shui implications associated with the signs we (and our customers) encounter each day that can limit potential for success.  Without remedies, the home-based business on a Dead End road won’t realize the greatest extent of its growth since commerce needs to flow.  A One Way street limits both the number and variety of customers who will stop to browse and shop in a retail establishment or restaurant.

In office buildings,  the number of No Parking, Do Not Enter and Stop! signs near the entry send the wrong message if you are trying to encourage customers (and beneficial ch’i) to visit your building.  Poorly lit or hidden company signs and building directories have a negative impact on your employees as well as visitors since they generally follow the same path every day.

Pay attention to the signs you encounter on your approach to work tomorrow to see if they are welcoming and announce to the world that you are Open for Business.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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