Spring Wood


We’ve transitioned to the month of March, safely deposited here by February’s Tiger into early spring. In Chinese Metaphysics, March is ruled by the gentle and diplomatic Rabbit (Mao) with her penchant for peace and diplomacy. Her refined and feminine (yin) energy shuns confrontation, instead favoring creative solutions to problems. Nature awakens in her realm and we’re offered the opportunity to step out into the world with clear and certain vision. Chinese astrologers call early spring the time of insects stir, when yin yields to yang energy and life has so much potential.

In the cycle of Five Elements, each owns a season and time. We’ve left winter’s still Water phase and gradually moved into the period of spring Wood. Just as a tree requires dormancy and water to strengthen its roots, I hope you’ve rested well, planned a route and replenished your internal energy reserves over winter. If so, the spring awakening will be far more optimistic with quickening energy to get you moving along with the rest of earth’s living things. In Feng Shui, spring is linked to the early morning hours, the East direction of the rising sun, creativity and growth.  It supports ancestors, family relationships (both roots and branches,) innovative ideas and the greater community. Wood energy also represents customers, upstarts, new products and expansion in business since it’s direction is forward, not reverse. There is no turning back or away from Wood energy.

Now is the time to summon your reserves for future growth while carefully managing expectations and tendencies for excess. Spring is all about re-birth and blooming but remember that allergies often accompany those fragrant budding plants so be sure to moderate your reactions. Health problems are often exaggerated in springtime, since the human body is so closely aligned with the cycles of nature. This would be a good time to enjoy nature’s bounty of edible green plants to help fuel that growth.

If you are noticing your own reluctance to change, fear of the unknown or rigidity in your thinking, perhaps the Wood element is out of balance in your home, business or BaZi chart? Flexibility can and should be cultivated in this season since it nearly always leads to positive growth and adjusting your surroundings can help. If you’d like assistance navigating your new beginnings, just let me know.

Wishing you limitless possibilities and always, good chi,

Diane Gallin

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