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Are you ready for the Year of the Sheep? The Yin Wood Sheep (Yi Wei) does not arrive until February 19 in 2015 (when the Lunar New Year begins) but the remaining days of the Wood Horse year provide a perfect opportunity to finish what was started in 2014. Last year, the impetuous Horse in the Clouds taught us to move swiftly and boldly over barriers and to explore new horizons. Hopefully, your experiences helped to reassess what’s important and discover your place in the world because 2015’s Contemplative Sheep has different aspirations that favor moderation, teamwork and aesthetics.

If you have not yet cleared your home and workplace, the coming weeks provide a perfect opportunity to do so. Any clutter or unfinished business carried into the New Year will offend the idealistic Sheep and hinder your progress going forward. Remember, the energy all around you is constantly changing and many of the tools that were helpful in 2014 become obsolete in 2015. The Year of the Sheep will have implications for business, politics, culture and personal growth that you’ll want to take advantage of and I’ll be keeping you posted on what to expect.

In the meantime, it is customary to complete the following projects before the Chinese New Year to start off on the right hoof (minus any baggage from the previous year.)

Here are 18 Feng Shui tips to complete before February 19 to help you prepare for the transition:

  1. Clean your home and business thoroughly, including basements, garages, porches, attics and storage rooms. Dust, dirt and unused items block energy from circulating.
  2. Touch-up or paint walls, clean filters, vents and drains in order to clear blockages and encourage free movement.
  3. Eliminate clutter by donating, selling or disposing of items you no longer love or need. Then you will have room to roam comfortably in your surroundings.
  4. Organize files, closets, drawers, calendars and schedules to make the most out of your waking hours and streamline your days.
  5. Clean out refrigerators and pantries and replace only the freshest and healthiest foods as a commitment to sustainable good health this year.
  6. Repair or remove anything that is broken – especially clocks and watches or faulty electronic equipment that keep you stuck in the past.
  7. Trim or remove any trees, shrubs or branches that need cutting on your property. Overhanging branches and dead trees sap energy from your home or business.
  8. Check lighting inside and out to be sure fixtures and bulbs are in working order. Lighting helps to lift energy and keep your path illuminated.
  9. Remove your hanging crystals and soak them in a solution of sea salt and water. Place them in the sunlight for several hours to absorb yang energy, restring with new red ribbon and rehang.
  10. Clean every mirror, crystal and glass fixture in your home or business to clarify and improve your vision for the future.
  11. If you have an altar or meditation area, clean and re-state your intentions for the coming year.
  12. Service and clean your automobile, an extension of your home or workplace, for reliable and safe passage this year.
  13. Pay your debts and balance accounts so they will not burden you in the 2015.
  14. Clean and oil the hinges on your front door to encourage free movement and welcome new opportunities.
  15. Reconcile any disputes you may have with others to prevent negative energy from following you into the New Year.
  16. Get a haircut now to prevent cutting into your good fortune once the New Year begins.
  17. Clean out and optimize your computer files and drives which are an extension of your paper files and contain electronic clutter.
  18. Remove your front doormat and those to all entrances in your home or business. Place a brand new one on Chinese New Year’s Day (February 19.) Old doormats contain the energy of the previous year which finds its way into your home on footsteps.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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