Peony and Feng Shui

01/14/2014 Feng Shui Florida


Peony flower

Have you noticed the abundance of peony flowers on Chinese silk paintings, scrolls and fabrics?  The peony is one of the most auspicious and esteemed flowers in Chinese culture, long associated with honor, rank and wealth. In feng shui, peony blossoms symbolize prosperity for their relative value and short growing season and longevity for their long life.  As a strong metaphor for beauty, we use them to enhance romance in relationships and are used to symbolize and bless a happy marriage.  In winter the lovely peony is harbinger of spring.

Peony scroll

A vase of peonies will cheer you on a cold day and sweeten a room with fragrance so add an image of the peony to your environment or treat yourself to this delightful living feng shui cure.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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