Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Snake

02/08/2013 Feng Shui Florida


Have you noticed a change in the air?  Do you find yourself paying closer attention to the earth beneath your feet than the sky above your head?  If so, you are likely experiencing the transition from the Yang Water Dragon (Ren Chen) year to the year of the Yin Water Snake (Gui Si.)

The Chinese New Year falls on February 10 this year, which is the second new moon after the winter solstice in the lunar calendar.  Families throughout China and around the world re-unite to celebrate the beginning of spring.  2013’s Water Snake, last visited 60 years ago and poetically known as the snake in the grass, lives on land and remains hidden until it decides to reveal itself, a sure sign that the coming year will be different than last.

Feng Shui and Chinese astrology consider the introverted and insightful Snake to be a sign of very good fortune, transformation and treasures hidden beneath the earth.  Wise, intuitive and cultured, the Water Snake is one of the most reflective and elegant of the astrological signs. But its calm exterior belies the depth of its complexity. With a fixed gaze and secret ways, this Snake has little use for grand schemes and boastful challenges, instead focusing its sights on the most strategically favorable path before striking out.  Known for a suspicious nature, information gathering skills and restraint, the Snake values privacy and intellect above bravado.  For many, the Snake will offer a respite from the dramatic and tumultuous Dragon year, but others will be challenged by its subtle and mysterious ways.  The Water Snake will influence each person differently this year based on their own birth year, season, day and time (Four Pillars) but has important lessons to share with everyone.

There are economic and political implications for a Yin Water Snake year that will surely influence global affairs. More than ever, this will be a year to decide what is important to you, clarify your goals and eliminate waste.   The Snake is the paradigm of ethical behavior and expects no less in others.  Unlike the risk-taking otherworldly Dragon, the Snake dwells on land and spends much of its time in watchful waiting before making a move.  Calculate all your options carefully and, like the Snake, don’t squander energy on poorly made plans or unrealistic outcomes.  This is a time to speak eloquently of yourself and others and to practice economy in private and professional circles.  Follow your intuition and don’t hurry projects that require time for proper cultivation.  A steady and measured approach to problem solving will help guide you through the unpredictable terrain of the Snake.

I am personally looking forward to a more sophisticated approach to music, architecture, the arts and fashion this year, as the Snake prefers quality over quantity.  Look for classic, understated colors and designs, subtle suggestions and fine workmanship.  Discretion and restraint is advised in all matters since the Water Snake is considered a “blind year” when all may not be as it appears on the surface.  For some, 2013 will reveal long awaited opportunities, while others are advised to cultivate patience and wait for the right moment to proceed. Since the Snake’s path is circuitous, prepare for sudden twists and turns throughout the year and be sure to have a backup plan when unforeseen circumstances arise.

In a Snake year it is good to be mindful where you tread, think before you speak and to shed old skins that confine you.  Like the season of spring, it’s a time of renewal when everything is possible.  Happy New Year to you and those you love.

Wishing you the wisdom, grace and discipline of the Snake this year.  And always, good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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