Darkness to Light

12/24/2012 Feng Shui Florida

Red Candle

Each December during the winter holidays you may, like me, find yourself reflecting on the passage of time.  The sights, smells and traditions of the season conjure some of our earliest childhood memories and may open windows and doors that were closed behind us long ago. If your memories were happy ones, you’ll likely continue those traditions.  Or you may choose instead to start some of your own.

Over centuries in many parts of the world, winter celebrations evolved from very simple gatherings of family and friends around meals marking the end of the harvest to more elaborate holiday “seasons” of merriment lasting a month or more. But regardless of religious and cultural beliefs, it’s human nature to pause on our journey at this time of year to seek light on a dark night, warmth from the cold and shelter for the weary traveler. Nearly all holiday traditions incorporate these ideas and include a message of peace, hope and charity.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the holiday season perfectly embodies the phases or wu xing of the five elements in nature.  Winter is associated with the water element, yin energy, north, midnight, tranquility, introspection and the emotion of fear.  These are all necessary opposites of the yang summer fire months when nature conspires to keep us moving forward.  Deep winter reminds us to silence the noise and hold back a bit.  Distinguish between wants and needs, ponder relationships and surroundings, then proceed with moderation. The journey inward begins in winter and with self-reflection, ends in knowing that all things are possible.

Wishing you moderation this holiday season and an abundance of blessings this day and always,

Diane Gallin, CFSC


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