New Beginnings

05/31/2011 Feng Shui Florida


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We often associate beginnings and endings with the arrival of the new year in January or February. But I think our more noteworthy milestones are reached in the month of June.  Calendars fill with weddings, graduations, religious rites of passage, award ceremonies and sporting banquets. Many students trade academia for the workplace and others at the end of their careers choose to retire.  Distant travels are planned and families gather together for reunions.  In the United States, most home sales occur over the summer, when we pick up roots and plant them somewhere else while the ground is thawed and fertile. 

In Feng Shui, springtime is associated with Wood – the element with the most potential for growth.  Wood represents new beginnings, family, friends, community, and optimism.  It is associated with the East – the direction of the rising sun and the promise of a new day. In nature, each season has a purpose and spring represents what is possible. It seems appropriate that high school graduates finally have the opportunity to harvest seeds of knowledge planted so many years ago in kindergarten.  Brides and grooms optimistically embark on their future together.  We finally get to uncover the compost pile and plant a summer vegetable garden, while young families feather their nests for new offspring.  College graduates loosen their ties to family and transition toward independence.  Everywhere we turn, we are reminded that “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

If you are feeling unsettled by all the changes around you, look to nature for optimism and imagine that with change comes hope.  This may just be the start of something big.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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