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04/29/2011 Feng Shui Florida



Have you taken a walking tour of your home, property and business lately?  I recommend this practice several times a year to evaluate the condition and usefulness of items in my clients’ surroundings.  These self-led tours are as enlightening as they are practical, since we usually discover things that send a contrary message to the one we’re hoping to advance.  The clock that stopped keeping time in the Career sector, a leaking faucet in Prosperity or the broken mirror in Relationships all conspire to slow our progress and sabotage goals.  In addition to the practical applications of this exercise, I also advise taking inventory of how many beautiful and inspirational items surround you.  In Feng Shui, mundane cures include moving furniture, repairing what is broken and clearing overgrown landscaping.  But there is much more to creating a dynamic and purposeful environment.  And while Feng Shui doesn’t dictate aesthetics, they certainly play an important role in your daily life.

Studies have shown that our energy changes when we focus attention on uplifting images.  Just as a leisurely stroll through a botanical garden or a walk in the woods lifts our inner ch’i, observing a pleasant view through a window, an inspirational picture or vibrant color palette elevates our mood.  At that time, we tend to focus on the more pleasurable aspects of our lives rather than how hard we’ve worked to get there.  Sometimes, in an attempt to make our homes and businesses more functional we deprive ourselves of the finery we reserve for special guests.  When was the last time you rolled out the red carpet for you?

Adding a small plant or simple flower arrangement to your desk can change the dynamic of a busy office.  Spring blooms or even green branches from your yard make a wonderful natural display .  A collection of beloved photographs, interesting fabrics, textures and colors all enhance our living spaces, regardless of how grand the scale.  On the subject of planting flowering trees outside university buildings in 1926, Beatrix Jones Farrand, a founding member of the America Society of Landscape Architects, wrote, “We all know education is by no means a mere matter of books, and that aesthetic environment contributes as much to mental growth as facts assimilated from a printed page.”  Quite simply, we work, sleep, eat and grow better in pleasant surroundings.  Why not turn on your favorite music, light some candles and set out the fine china for your next meal?  Invite yourself to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.    

Wishing you good ch’i and beautiful surroundings,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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