Creativity and Feng Shui

04/28/2014 FengShuiTips

Have you been feeling creative lately?  If not, feng shui can help.

Often when choosing decor and furnishings for businesses and residences, we pay very close attention to design details such as wall and accent colors, furniture placement and usage of the space, focusing on what’s ‘appropriate’ for each room and area of the building.  For example, we know it’s best to avoid dramatic yang colors and aggressive designs in the bedroom or study areas and to stay away from overly yin colors and passive designs in lively gathering spaces.

But from a feng shui perspective, it’s also important to add unexpected touches here and there to help cultivate creative ideas.  These simple and effective cures remind us that life isn’t always predictable and that there is plenty of room for innovative or improved solutions.

By strategically adding a whimsical picture or photograph to your surroundings you’ll lighten the atmosphere in your home and help break the ice in business.  Just be sure to use them in moderation so that others take you and your creative ideas seriously 🙂

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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