Residential Feng Shui

04/05/2016 Feng Shui Florida

Chinese entrance

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of siting and designing a building to maximize positive energy for those who reside or work there.

Good residential Feng Shui is achieved when the land is carefully chosen for healthy vegetation, ample buildable space, a regularly shaped lot and positive facing compass directions. Surrounding roads and neighboring buildings should support and complement the building while open spaces around it allow energy to flow unobstructed. The building footprint should be symmetrical and favorably located on the lot to embrace the natural landscaping.

The interior layout of a home with good Feng Shui ensures that architectural details such as room shapes, windows, doors, kitchens, stairways, baths, hallways, living, eating and sleeping areas conform to core Feng Shui principles of equilibrium and balance. Abundant natural light, open spaces and appropriate thresholds allow for smooth transitions between rooms. Natural flooring and quality building materials further enhance the Feng Shui of the residence.

It is believed that by observing these rules, good health, happiness, abundance and family harmony follow. That is the simple wisdom of Feng Shui.

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