Autumn Equinox

autumn river

The Autumn Equinox arrives on September 23 this year when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 180 degrees. This is the period in the Chinese farmer’s solar calendar when the hours of daylight and night are exactly equal in length and Yin and Yang energy are in perfect harmony for the first time since the Spring Equinox. Unlike the expansive energy of spring, autumn’s energy wanes and contracts inward while the joys of summer come to rest and restore.

In Chinese metaphysics, autumn is associated with the Metal element and the West direction – when we return home to a setting sun and consolidate energy for the evening. Autumn represents the harvest and the painstaking job of collecting and distributing what is necessary to sustain us through winter. The emotion associated with autumn is grief – a natural and necessary part of life that acknowledges the past – our losses, lessons and all the comings, goings and endings that have brought us to this point.

Honor your endings as well as your beginnings this autumn and celebrate the cycle of nature.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin

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