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Did you know that each area of your building is also linked to the well-being and success of every family member, employee and business sector of your organization? The Feng Shui bagua provides an overview of these layers and can help when assigning rooms or locations for people and activities.

From the earliest recordings of nature’s role in the integration of opposites (yin/yang theory) it was understood that energy on earth is always in motion. The principles of movement, change and adaptation form the foundation of Chinese Metaphysics and modern building Feng Shui. Correlations between the five elements, changing seasons, directions and passage of time shift the energy of a place and can influence the fortunes of residents and employees based on their primary locations and favorable personal directions. A building is simply a collection of materials without people to imprint it.

Buildings are mostly permanent in nature but the energy inside and around them ebbs and flows. Depending on the year of construction and neighboring landforms, some building sectors contain positive energy and some that are less than optimal. You might discover a room that supports a young child’s security could thwart later attempts to expand a fledgling home-based business there. We all know of buildings that seem to produce prosperous, healthy, knowledgeable people who thrive where they are planted – and those that don’t. These are the places where either by design or accident, Feng Shui principles conspired to either nurture or challenge them. But determining the deficiencies and strengths of a place and learning to master them can shift the energy, influence fate and change the story. That is the wisdom of Feng Shui.

Take a look at the following compass sectors and locate them in your home or workplace. Are any of these areas missing, underutilized, blocked or in disrepair? Are the elements in balance or do they exceed the recommended equivalences? For example, does Water dominate the South sector of your building, effectively putting out the Fire (and dampening the spirits of the Middle Daughter?) Is there too much Fire in the Northwest (Metal) sector that could render the Patriarch weak and ineffective?

Here are the elements, directions, seasons, family members and business areas to consider:

 KAN | Water | North | Winter |  Middle Son | Storage

GEN | Water/Wood | Northeast | Early Spring | Youngest Son | Investments

JEN | Wood | East | Spring | Eldest Son | R&D

HSUN | Wood/Fire | Southeast | Early Summer | Eldest Daughter | Communications

LI | Fire |South | Summer | Middle Daughter | PR/Sales

KUEN | Earth | Southwest | Late Summer | Mother/Grandmother | Personnel

DWEI | Earth/Metal | West | Early Autumn | Youngest Daughter | Finance

CHYAN | Metal |Northwest | Late Autumn | Father/Grandfather | Logistics/Management

Feng Shui can be likened to a puzzle with interlocking pieces that given time, care and effort to connect them makes the image whole again. Strong families and successful organizations whose members can work independently then join together to support common goals thrive with less effort because of their clear vision for the future. If you’d like assistance in determining the best places for the important people in your life, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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