Feng Shui and Time

11/04/2014 FengShuiTips


Have you checked to see that all the clocks in your home and business are in working order lately? The end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) this weekend affords you the perfect opportunity to do that.

While you’re carefully ‘falling back’ and honoring the season’s return to the earth, remember that clocks and watches represent the orderly passage of time in feng shui. For that reason, a stopped, slow or broken timepiece in your surroundings could negatively impact your progress. The unwound grandfather clock in the sector of your building representing your career and life path might be keeping you from moving on in your job. The stopped watch or broken clock in partnerships may say more about your timing with personal and professional relationships than you know. If you are trying to move past old habits or resolve nagging health issues, keeping current time helps send the message that you are moving ahead with optimism.

The perpetual motion of working timepieces mirrors the flow of energy in nature because change is both constant and necessary. So wind the clock, check batteries and set your intentions that you won’t be standing still when opportunities arise.

Wishing you good ch’i,
Diane Gallin, CFSC

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