Windows and Feng Shui

01/26/2014 FengShuiTips


Before the Chinese New Year, it is customary to clean and repair all windows to your home and business.  In Feng Shui, doors are considered to be the ‘mouth of ch’i’ to a building, but windows tether us to the natural environment in a more transparent way.  Windows represent the voice of children and all their future-oriented hopes and dreams.  Our own creative ideas and inspiration are the gifts of an open window.

Outdoors, the light and seasons change, trees grow, water ebbs and flows.  All the while, our indoor spaces stay the same.  Unlike doors, windows provide a constant opportunity to exchange information with the world that is missing in permanent structures. – Diane Gallin

Begin the Year of the Horse with your eyes open to possibility.  Check all the windows in your home, office and business for those that might be blocked, broken, stuck or less than crystal clear.  Trim overgrown landscaping that blocks your vista and keep shades and curtains open during daylight hours.  Like human eyes, windows can only relay clear information to you if they are open.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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