Clear Eyes

08/12/2011 FengShuiTips

Are the windows in your home and business clean and in good working order?   Windows are your connection to the outside world, so you might want to clean and repair any that are dirty, broken or stuck.   Over time, indoor energy stagnates – especially when buildings are sealed up during hot summers and cold winters.  By routinely opening all the doors and windows, fresh air is replenished, helping to improve air quality and energy flow.

In Feng Shui windows are also linked to the voice of the child, so remove any tall furniture or heavy window coverings that might be blocking access to the windows in your home.  Trim overgrown trees and shrubs around windows that obstruct the view.  By keeping windows clean and accessible, you will give your child (and the child within you) a clear vision of their potential and a healthy connection to the world outside regardless of the season.