To Touch the Heart


Ancient Chinese sages had a word for the mutual attraction between two people.  Hsien means “to touch the heart.”  Represented by the symbol of a lake over a mountain, these elements, like good relationships, are separate and unique but exist in nature because they provide something the other needs. They complement each other.  In Western Feng Shui, the area of your building and property associated with Relationships is the far right corner (from the front door.)  It represents your marriage, romantic partners and business liaisons.  Anyone you regularly spend time with is influenced by the energy in this space. One of the first things to consider in evaluating the Relationship area is what the space is used for. 

Is the far right corner (from the street) of your property accessible and inviting, or is it remote and uninspiring?  Property that slopes away, a single chair, thorny plants or a “dead end” sign may be an indication of how well your relationships are going.  Is there a bathroom in this sector of your home or office “draining” romance from your life, or perhaps a fireplace or electrical utility room “heating up” discussions?  Is the area architecturally missing from your floor plan or sealed off from the living and working spaces, effectively disconnecting your bonds with others? 

On Valentine’s Day, red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are commercially used to evoke romance. Feng Shui uses the color pink, representing receptiveness and nurturing, artwork featuring couples, soft lighting and comfortable seating to attract and maintain relationships. In the office, a picture of two or more people accomplishing something together (sailing a boat, shaking hands, or scaling a mountain) represents the spirit of cooperation necessary for strong business relationships. Solitary images or representations of conflict (stormy seas, battlefields, cactus plants, etc.) are counterproductive.

Since the New Year is a good time to reevaluate everything you might be holding onto, you may want to decide whether to carry all your relationships with you into the future. Some of them may represent emotional clutter in your life, which is just as harmful as the physical kind. Take the time now to cultivate the relationships you want to flourish in the New Year, and distance yourself from those that weaken or diminish you.  

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, an open heart and good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

Wind and Water Feng Shui Consulting

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