Summer’s Fire

In Florida, we’ve arrived at the peak of summer’s Fire season when sunshine bakes the earth until ocean breezes collide with the heat of the day, dousing the air with merciful rain. From a Feng Shui Five Element perspective, summer months are linked to the Fire element (Li) and all the exuberant energy it contains. The most energetic and expansive of the elements, fire is associated with the midday hours of 11-1, the south direction, angled shapes, the planet Mars and full moon. Fire is the sun itself and the spark that creates fusion. It’s the element that warms and excites us and makes our lives a little (or a lot) more interesting. Fire energy is there when we are happy and explodes when we are mad. It is illuminating and revelatory as it entertains and ignites passions. Fire alerts us to danger and attracts a crowd. It announces arrivals and promotes talents. But mostly, fire energy emanates from the heart.

Fire’s association with the cardiovascular system is found in traditional Chinese medicine, where a person’s physical and emotional health are viewed as one. Not only is the heart responsible for moving life-giving blood through the body, but this complex circulatory system is also tasked with dispersing life force energy (chi) through the spirit. This is called “shen.”  A broken heart in Chinese medicine is a physical condition, as is anxiety, fear and sorrow. Self-confidence, joy and enthusiasm are gifts of a happy heart while emotional upset invariably leads to physical deficiencies that affect behavior, mood and energy levels. However, if the fire element is out of balance either in a person’s physical constitution or their surroundings there are simple steps to remedy the situation.

Here are some signs that the fire element is out of balance and what you can do about it:


If you are feeling hot, agitated, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, restless or confused it is likely there is too much fire energy around you and it will be helpful to calm that influence with Water.  Wear black or dark blue clothing, go for a walk in the cool night air, soak in a bath or take a swim. Turn the lights and temperature down in your home and office and listen to clear, soothing music. Try to avoid large crowds and noisy events until you are feeling settled and strong again. Pace your activities so there is enough rest and relaxation time in between demanding periods. Spend time alone or with peaceful people restoring your own equilibrium before offering to take on the burdens and distractions of others. 


If you are feeling insecure, exhausted, cold, withdrawn, timid, melancholy, forgetful or speechless, you might benefit from having more Fire energy in your surroundings. Spend time outdoors during the midday hours to replenish fire energy. Wear the colors red and orange and stay physically active, preferably during the day. Take a walk through the bustling city and mingle in crowds. Allow lots of natural light into your home and work environment and up the wattage of lamps at night. Listen to stimulating, up-tempo music and spend time with positive people who lift your spirits, not dampen them. Extend your hand to others then open your heart to allow them in.      

As with each of the five elements, there is both a yin and yang nature that changes with the seasons of the year. Fire’s nature is to expand and reach but it must also be contained, especially in the hot summer season. Learning to harness the power of fire in your own surroundings puts you in control. As we begin the transition from Period 8 Earth energy (2004-2023) to Period 9 Fire energy (2024-2043) you’ll likely notice a shift in many aspects of your life. Pay attention to those signs and take advantage of the window they provide into the near future.

In the meantime, feel free to share how you are doing this summer and as always, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you calm shen and good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC