2022 Chinese New Year Preparations


2022 Yang Water Tiger – Ren Yin

In 2022 the Solar New YearLi Chun (Beginning of Spring) begins on February 4, preceded this year by the Lunar New Year on February 1. At that time, all transitional Feng Shui and Flying Star remedies and enhancements should be in place. Li Chun arrives in a Tiger year in need of optimism and full of hope for a fresh, promising future. Farmers start their planting season on this day with hopes for a bountiful year.

If you have not yet cleared your home and workplace, the coming days provide a perfect opportunity to do so since unfinished business carried into the new year can hinder your progress going forward. It is customary in traditional Chinese culture to complete the following projects before the new year to help you on your way.

Before February 1, 2022:

  • Clean your home and business thoroughly, including basements, garages, attics, etc.
  • Wash windows, touch-up or paint walls, clean filters, vents and drains
  • Open the doors and sweep your home from the front to the back door to remove last year’s energy
  • Clear clutter by donating, selling or disposing of items that no longer serve you
  • Organize files (including digital), closets, drawers, calendars and schedules
  • Clean out refrigerators and pantries and replace with only the freshest and healthiest foods
  • Repair or remove anything that is broken – especially clocks, watches or aged/faulty electronic equipment that could keep you stuck in the past
  • Trim or remove any trees or branches that need cutting on your property and thank them for their service. If they leave a gap, plant something young and vibrant in their place
  • Check lighting inside and out to ensure fixtures and bulbs are in working order.
  • Clean every mirror, crystal and glass fixture in your home and business for clarity of vision in 2022
  • If you have an altar or meditation area, clean and restate your aspirations, dreams and intentions
  • Service and clean your automobile for safe passage through the year
  • Pay debts and balance bank accounts so as not to drag obligations with you into 2021
  • Clean and polish your front door then oil the hinges for smooth access & new opportunities
  • Reconcile any disputes with friends, colleagues or family members for a fresh start to the year
  • Get a haircut now to prevent cutting into your good fortune in the new year
  • Burn sage, sweetgrass or nag champa or ring bells in your home and business to clear stagnant energy before the beginning of the new year
  • Remove your front doormat and replace it with a brand new one on Chinese New Year’s Eve. You’ll avoid dragging 2021’s energy into your home or business on 2022’s footsteps.

Be sure to check the 2022 Flying Star Afflictions here and avoid disturbing the compass sectors indicated.

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