March Feng Shui | Rabbit

We’ve transitioned to the month of March, safely deposited here by February’s Tiger into the season of mid-spring. In Chinese Metaphysics, March is ruled by the gentle and diplomatic Rabbit (Mao) with her penchant for peace and diplomacy. Her refined and feminine (yin) energy shuns confrontation, instead favoring creative solutions to problems. Nature awakens in her realm and we’re offered the opportunity to step out into the world with clear and certain vision for the year before us. Chinese astrologers call early spring the time of insects stir, when yin yields to yang energy and life once again is full of potential.

In the cycle of Five Elements each owns a season and time. We’ve left winter’s still Water phase and gradually moved into the period of spring Wood. Feng Shui’s spring Wood is linked to the early morning hours, the Eastern direction of the rising sun, creativity, healing and growth. It supports ancestors, family relationships (both roots and branches,) innovative ideas and the greater community. In business, Wood energy represents customers, upstarts, new products and expansion and it’s movement is forward and up. There is no turning back or away from Wood energy for it always grows toward the light.

March is the perfect time to reach into your own energy reserves and get moving. You will need to pace yourself though since springtime brings allergic reactions with those abundant blooms. Health issues linked to the liver (excess/deficient Wood) and heart (excess/deficient Fire) can be exaggerated since the human body is closely aligned with the cycles of nature. If you haven’t already begun, this is a good time to start moving outdoors and enjoying nature’s bounty of edible greens to help fuel that growth.

If you’ve noticed a reluctance to change, fear of the unknown or rigidity in thinking, it’s possible the Wood element is out of balance in your environment, business or personal BaZi chart. Flexibility can and should be cultivated now since it nearly always leads to positive growth and adjusting your surroundings can help.

As always, let me know if you need assistance navigating your new beginnings this spring.

Wishing you limitless possibilities and always, good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC