2018 Year of the Yang Earth Dog


Earth Dogs                                  

2018’s Yang Earth Dog, poetically known as the ‘Dog on a Mountain – A Vision of Pretty Twigs’ represents an elemental shift from Fire energy that fueled the last two years. We’ve transitioned from hot, exuberant, passionate energy to that of contemplation and stability characterized by Yang Earth. Fire has burnt itself out and ashes returned to the soil to fertilize and aerate the ground for future growth. But for now we look inward and must justify our positions to none other than ourselves. Unlike Fire, Earth represents gathering, mature energy that is sensible, realistic and true and the Dog will befriend you only if you’re worthy.

The Dog’s station near the end of a twelve-year Chinese calendar cycle, his association with the autumn month of October and evening hours of 7 to 9 PM predicts a collective call for conservation, protectionism and security that will be evident at home and globally throughout the year. The Dog is docile and strong with a disarmingly sweet disposition. But don’t be fooled by those wide eyes that mask his role as fierce and impenetrable guardian of the temple. Ancient Chinese manuscripts depict him as the hyper-vigilant sentry and protector of buildings, property and villages. For this reason, we can expect caution to prevail in 2018 as the skeptical Dog instinctively views strangers (and the world) with a critical eye.

The Earth Dog is humble, kind and generous in spirit. Those qualities will be valued this year so despite your busy work schedule, consider donating time or resources for a worthy cause. Loyal to a fault, his discriminating taste in friends reminds you to choose personal and professional partners carefully and trust your instincts if something or someone seems off. Yang Earth exemplifies a solid mountain that is durable yet immovable and you can expect a few obstacles and detours along your journey this year. Navigating them builds character (says the Dog) so be sure to map out an alternate speed and route in your travels and you’ll arrive no worse for the wear (but perhaps a little late.) He’s preoccupied with stability and prefers history to the future so you’ll want to be sure your reach is aligned with your grasp. Despite traits of inner strength and fortitude, he’s quite fearful of change and harbors anxiety when pulled off course or dropped in unfamiliar territory. For this reason consider avoiding big risks or speculation in 2018 since the Dog is a worrier and can be difficult to know.

The Earth Dog is more concerned with spirituality and wellness (both mental and physical) than his flamboyant Rooster and clever Monkey predecessors and businesses that provide honest, affordable and fair services will be graciously received in 2018. Expect to see a downturn in industries and economic sectors that grew quickly or haphazardly without regard for safety or long-term security since the Dog is a regulator not a promoter. Investments in renewable energy, natural resources, agriculture and recycling will appeal to his thrifty, humanitarian nature. Wood industries related to art, literature, education, building materials, furniture, printing, botanicals, fashion and culture are expected to do well as are Earth industries (see 2018 Design Trends) in the health and human services, property, security, insurance and consumer safety sectors. Gender equality will likely benefit from emerging yin (feminine) energy with less interest in divisive or threatening rhetoric and a more realistic approach to problems. Sadly, we know that Dogs rarely back down from threats or conflicts so uncertainty in world events is expected to continue in 2018 along with instability in earth’s mantle.

Whether you are a friend or foe of the Dog, he’s been carefully taking notes and preparing lessons since 2006 when the last (Fire) Dog ruled the year. And you’ll have to travel back 60 years (1958) to the last time the Yang Earth Dog held sway to reveal how this compassionate companion plans to guide you. 2018 will be the year to make friends, guard your village and open your heart. As always, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you a magnificent Year of the Dog,

Diane Gallin

Photo | Ryan Malmberg