Rain Water


water drop leaf


In the 2016 Chinese agricultural (solar or Hsia) calendar, the period of time from February 19 through March 5 is known as Rain Water. The snows of winter are melting and warm spring rains are beginning to fall. It’s a good time for readying planting beds and fertilizing the soil in preparation for spring. This is a wonderful metaphor for life since every idea, plan, vision and goal begins as a tiny seed that requires cultivation.

In Feng Shui rain water nourishes the Wood element representing ancestors, family, community and expansive energy.  Innovative ideas and new beginnings are the gifts of healthy Wood energy since without rain water, Wood withers and dies.

The year of the Yang Fire Monkey is still young and fertile. Consider this an auspicious time for starting new projects. As always, let me know if I can help.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin

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