Pine Trees and Longevity

Lake Tahoe pines

Did you know that pine trees are associated with longevity in Chinese culture and Feng Shui?

There is a legend of a man named Zhao Qu who nearing death, went to the mountains to die. He is said to have met an immortal who prepared medicine containing pine oil that restored his health and he lived to a very old age. While tales of elixirs are evident in many cultures, it is not surprising that the versatile pine is celebrated. Upright and evergreen, the graceful branches of towering pines create a nearly impenetrable barrier to wind and snow. They survive extremes of heat and cold and resist most disease, fungus and pests. A source of food, timber, shelter, sap, resin and mulch, all parts of the pine tree are usable and once established, they can grow for hundreds of years.

In Feng Shui, pine trees represent Wood energy that never wanes.  Their roots represent our ancestors and upright branches our offspring and future. Pine trees are nature’s reminder to winter that survival is inevitable and that spring will surely return. They shade us in summer and refuse to give up their needles in autumn. Like a wise and trusted elder, pines are reliable, sturdy and loved.

Plant pine trees on your property or hang a picture of a pine forest in your home or business as a reminder of your own adaptability, strength and longevity.

Wishing you good chi,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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