The Limit of Heat

08/29/2014 Feng Shui Florida

In the Chinese agricultural calendar, the 17 day period between August 23 and September 8 is known descriptively as the Limit of Heat. During this time, the hot days of summer are waning and plants are ripening for harvest. We’re now more than halfway through the 24 solar divisions of the year and if you live in the northern hemisphere, cooler temperatures and shorter days will soon follow.  2014’s Wood Horse is still traveling but not quite at the frantic pace of the last few months, pausing now for short periods of time to catch her breath.

For most of us, this late summer season signals an end to carefree wanderings, family vacations and exotic adventures. It’s time to get back to work or school and like our fellow farmers, shoulder the responsibilities necessary to get organizations and families through the winter. In Feng Shui’s Five Element cycle, the summer season’s bright, dynamic Fire energy is yielding to the more moderate, introspective autumn season of the Earth element. It’s a more stable energy that allows us to prepare the harvest and ultimately reap the rewards of our labor. Those of us who are sad to see the excitement of summer in the rear view mirror can take comfort in the prospect of a little more life balance.

Many new clients contacted me this summer seeking help with their personal and professional aspirations. I traveled far and wide to meet them knowing our efforts would be rewarded. Some had suffered setbacks and needed guidance reversing that trend while others heard good things about feng shui through the client grapevine and wanted to learn more. With their goals in mind, we partnered through floor plans, compass readings, Four Pillars charts, employee dynamics, expansions, family moves and milestones to create the energy shifts that always bring change. Some results were immediate and remarkable and others more profound and measured. But like transitioning seasons, all of these shifts opened new doors to endless possibilities. That is the simple wisdom and power of feng shui and the reason I do what I do.

As you transition from summer to autumn, be sure to assess where you are now and think about where you want to be at the approach of winter.  Consider your personal and professional goals and the direction in which you are headed.  Your destination has a location that can be charted and a variety of routes to take you there, but the vision and course is yours alone.  Let me know if I can help and be sure to share the good ch’i along the way.

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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