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08/11/2012 Feng Shui Florida

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There is a Chinese proverb that states “Wealth does not pass three generations.”  This presumes the inevitable passage of time and that energy reliably changes direction, despite our best efforts to channel and preserve it.  However, I think there is a component of this message that is more immediate and noteworthy.  Throughout history, wealth and political influence were handed down through families whose fortunes favored their agendas – that is until another’s family’s influence came to power and usurped it. The fate of nations rose and fell on decisions by these groups, changing the course of history along the way. But the notion that bloodlines determine financial success has evolved over the centuries with a trend toward recognizing the individual’s potential, work ethic and by association, fate.  I share the view that prosperity comes in many different forms and should be analyzed by first asking the questions:

What is your definition of wealth?

What will you do to accumulate it?

How and for whom will you preserve it?

In the study of Chinese Four Pillars astrology, each person is born with traits that influence every aspect of their lives, including their ability to accumulate, share and retain wealth.  The combination of the five elements water, wood, fire, earth and metal – in a person’s chart creates a blueprint for destiny that may not be changeable but can be known.  These traits determine so much about a person that with few exceptions, anyone’s life path can be predicted.  For example:

  • Earth caretaker people will always put the needs of others before their own, and likely follow a path in life where they will give more than they receive. 
  • The Fire promoters require lights! camera! action! all around them to help ignite the spark of success, while spending and sharing freely along the way. 
  • Wood pioneers are thirsty for knowledge and thrive on education, exploration, the arts and innovation.  Resources are necessary to  blaze their trail.
  • Metal alchemists are able to defer gratification, sharpen their pencils and strategically lay out a winning plan for success,  never losing sight of the future. 
  • The Watery philosophers need both the freedom to creatively flow and the gentle containment of the other four elements to nurture, share, teach and inspire their journey.

These five element types have a different definition of wealth and world view of what it is to be successful in life.  And while it is possible to do well in a career that was predetermined for you, we have learned that later in life, the happiest and most successful people are those who have meaning and joy in their work.  Problems in school, burnout and late-changing careers (either by choice or dictate) result from years of compromising standards and struggling to justify the ends and the means.  I’ve always advocated identifying the gifts and potential of children and young adults in order to encourage their individuality – and to forgive their shortcomings.  By discovering what inspires and motivates them early on, parents can guide them in the right direction.  But children aren’t the only people who benefit from self-knowledge.  My business clients effectively use Four Pillars assessments to help match personnel to the right jobs within their organization and create successful business partnerships.  Pride and self confidence accompany the material rewards of a job well done, and the burden is easier to carry when the path is clear. 

A basic Four Pillars analysis is always included in my residential and commercial Feng Shui consultations.  If you would like to learn more about your own Four Pillars or that of your child, employee or partner, contact me for more information.

Wishing you an abundance of wealth and good ch’i,


Diane Gallin, CFSC

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