Letting Go

07/08/2011 Feng Shui Florida


Have you ever floated on a river or a lake allowing only the current to guide you?  You’re not quite sure how deep the water or exactly what awaits you around the bend, but for that moment in time you simply relinquish control and drift.  Unaccustomed to this weightlessness, you take a leap of faith, close your eyes and give in to the unknown.  The water takes on the role of master and commander and you trust that it knows the way – and it does.

Water is a very powerful element in Feng Shui Five Element theory.  It is the element associated with our career, life path and destination.  When the proper amount and type of Water energy is found lacking in a building, residence or community, energy stagnates, business falls short of expectations and people feel stuck.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Water is linked to our emotions and is vital to kidney health, which keeps all other organs in balance.  While Earth provides the stability we need to focus and stay grounded, Water keeps us moving, uncovering what is hidden beneath the surface and exposing what is possible.  Essential to growth, inspiration and mobility, Water can also lap away at our energy and extinguish a flame that burns too brightly. In summer, Water (the element associated with winter) helps to cool our emotions and soothe our spirits.  A day at the beach puts our troubles in perspective, mostly washing away the worries we carried with us.

This month, I am inspired by the journeys of my clients, family and friends whose lives have taken an unexpected turn. This is the realm of Water.  Our plans and lists and notions of what should be can change in a moment and catch us unaware.  Fear sets in and we try swimming upstream or against the current for awhile, working twice as hard to go half as far. We forget that in its march to the sea, Water finds its way over, under and through obstacles, regardless of how long the journey.  Water yields only long enough to change course, gather momentum and continue. 

This summer I wish you the courage, wisdom and fluidity of Water energy as you navigate your journey.  As always, I am here to guide you along the way.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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