Year of the Rabbit

01/01/2011 Feng Shui Florida

2011 heralds the year of the Yin Metal Rabbit.  While the western calendar recognizes January 1 as the first day of the New Year, Chinese tradition celebrates a ten day New Year Festival, geared to both the agricultural seasons (yang) and astrological moon phases (yin).  The solar (Hsia) calendar marks the beginning of spring on February 3 when we welcome the year of the Rabbit.  Gentler in nature than the ferocious Tiger it follows, the Rabbit lends an air of beauty, grace and diplomacy to the year.  For many, this will be a welcome respite from the turmoil of 2010.

In Chinese Astrology the Rabbit is associated with springtime and all the joy and optimism it brings.  Nature begins to recover from the cold yin winter, farmers ready their fields for planting, animals and insects stir. We envision longer days, warmer temperatures and fertile pastures.  Nature gives birth to itself again in the cycle of life, and the tranquil Rabbit accomplishes her tasks with careful discernment rather than force.  In Five Element Feng Shui, the Rabbit belongs to the Wood element aligned with flowers, morning, family and new beginnings.  How appropriate for the New Year to begin on the first day of spring!

During the weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year Festival, it is customary to clear away old energy (and bad luck) from the previous year and to set the stage for all that is new and promising.  It is proper to clean house, make repairs, paint, wash windows and pay debts so as not to carry burdens from the previous year with you into the next.  In Feng Shui we advise clutter clearing in every bagua area of your home and office to make room for new and inspiring changes in these areas of your life.

As the Tiger begins his retreat and the gentle Rabbit peeks out from her warren, borrow some of her good manners, social responsibility and kindness to guide you through the year.  As always, I wish you good ch’i and  ‘si ji ping an’ ~ peace and prosperity in all seasons. 

Happy New Year!

Diane Gallin, CFSC

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