Summer Fun

10/03/2010 Feng Shui Florida

How is your summer going? I hope you are enjoying the long and languid days and have availed yourself of the opportunity to relax a bit.   As children, summer was the time to kick off our shoes and inhibitions and explore the world around us; often leaving the house at dawn, returning only when the last rays of sun signaled the end of day.  With free time to explore the park, beach, museum or library shelf, we slept soundly and greeted the morning with optimism for what the new day would bring.  Age and responsibility have a way of stealing those hours once spent dreaming, filling them instead with routine tasks and minutiae.   But why can’t we reclaim a portion of the day and allow time for creativity?

In Feng Shui, creativity is associated with the life area known as Children.  For obvious reasons, it equates birth, invention, whimsy and production.  It represents our offspring, our creative ideas and the child-like nature within us.  The future begins in this sector, for ideas are born of dreams.  When the Children area of a building is blocked or underutilized, we often find it difficult to daydream, laugh, relax and play.  We tend to work hard and take life seriously, often at the expense of our health and relationships.

Before summer’s end, set aside a weekend, a day or even an hour for spontaneous and joyful activity.  Ride a bike, jump in a lake, eat breakfast for dinner or lie down in the grass to watch the clouds go by.  Allow yourself to see the world through children’s eyes again.  You might just like the view.

Wishing you good ch’i,

Diane Gallin, CFSC

Wind and Water

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