10/02/2010 Feng Shui Florida

Perhaps you have heard the word ‘chi’ described in Feng Shui and traditional Chinese medicine and wondered exactly what it was. Also known as qi, ki and prana, chi (pronounced chee) is considered to be the breath that flows through and around every living thing. It is the air and water that conducts and transports vital energy, touching and animating everything in its path.  Although it is invisible, chi is thought to be the very essence of life. One of the first things I assess during a consultation with clients is the quality of chi in their surroundings since that is where good Feng Shui begins.

In traditional Chinese medicine, chi enlivens the physical body through meridians or channels, and its quality affects our health, emotions and well being.  In Feng Shui, currents of chi flow through our surroundings, connecting us to our indoor and outdoor spaces in profound ways.  In both instances, free-flowing chi contributes to ease of movement and passage, while stagnation slows us down. Think of how you feel when confined to a cluttered or chaotic room or workspace and you will get a sense of how chi influences clarity of thought and productivity. In the environment, chi can be tranquil and abundant, scattered, scarce or blocked.  Over time, problems arise when the quality of chi remains the same, limiting our opportunities for growth and movement.

Find a moment to observe chi energy around you in a 24 hour period and see if you can recognize the subtle differences. How navigable are the hallways and transition spaces in your home and business? Can you walk around the exterior of your home without encountering an obstacle?  Open spaces, birdsong and breezes will likely evoke different feelings than darkened rooms, the hum of electronics and whir of traffic.  Let me know how the quality of chi influences you this month.

Wishing you good chi,



 Diane Gallin, CFSC

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