About Diane

DianeDiane Gallin began her Feng Shui journey in 1990 while designing an addition to her home. After careers in Human Resources and Corporate Communications, she was certified to practice in 2004. Since then, Diane has been instrumental in bringing authentic Feng Shui out of the "new age" category and into the mainstream of residential and commercial development and building. Her work with domestic and international clients has yielded real and measurable results.

Because Feng Shui is not a linear study, Diane’s practice includes classical (landform), compass (flying star) and western (bagua) schools of Feng Shui. These complementary disciplines enhance the interconnectedness of ancient Feng Shui principles and are far more powerful in tandem. Diane is an expert in Chinese Five Element Theory and Four Pillars of Destiny - BaZi astrology which uses the 10,000-year Chinese calendar. Gifted with the ability to demystify ancient theories and traditions of authentic Feng Shui, Diane makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the wisdom of its teachings through consultations, lectures and workshops.

Diane holds the distinction of being a certified Red Ribbon Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild and member of the Habitat for Humanity Partners Council. She is an accomplished organic gardener, photographer and student of Chinese brush painting.

Your surroundings should accurately reflect who you are, where you have been and where you are going. This is your story.
- Diane Gallin